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7 Traits to look for when Hiring an Employee 

When recruiting staff, it’s important to employ the right person. Staff members play an important role in the business therefore if they aren’t best suited for the position, it will affect the success of the business. What should you look out for in interviews? In order to pick the person best suited to the role and your business, you must take into account these areas… 

  • Excellent Learning & Analytical Skills 
  • Positive Attitude 
  • Compatibility 
  • Driven & Ambitious 
  • Long Term Potential  
  • Honesty 
  • Team Skills 

Excellent Learning & Analytical Skills 

Taking on a new role requires a lot of responsibilities. You want to ensure that the employee is capable of taking on new tasks and learning how to do new things on a daily basis. With any business, there are always things that will pop up, so it’s important your employees have great skills and are able to adapt to situations.  

Positive Attitude  

The way employees are will reflect on the business. If you have a positive and upbeat employee, this will reflect on the rest of the team, the business, and their work they’re producing. You want your employees to love coming into work and not just doing it for the sake of it.  


It’s important to employ someone who has a general interest in the industry and are doing something they truly loveIf they have a passion for what they do, they’re most likely to succeed in the role.  

Driven & Ambitious 

You don’t want to employ someone just because they need a job, you want to employ someone who is driven and ambitious. When an employee is determined to do well and succeed in their career, they will deliver high-quality work for the business.  

Long Term Potential 

There’s no point hiring an employee if they aren’t looking to continuously progress throughout their career. You want to employ someone who is hungry for the job, motivated, and wants to keep working their way up the ladder. 


In any business, you want to ensure there’s honesty between you and your employees. There’s no point in employing staff members that you don’t trust as this will only cause implications within the business. Thoroughly examine and reference check each application that is received to ensure it’s all accurate.  

Team Skills 

No matter what job you’re in, it’s essential to have great teamwork skills. Whether you’re dealing with a customer or team member, you need to have teamwork skills to get the job done more efficiently. After all, there is no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’. 

Let’s wrap this up… 

Take into account all of these traits when employing future staff. The way your employees are will have a huge impact on your team and your business. You can train on an employee on your product or service, but you can’t train someone to have a good skill set, to be honest, motivated, and have a great work ethic. 



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